TIGON (Artist development and music management) is the collaboration and networking between Valley Community Theatre/ Studio Liverpool and Mapfest.org.

TIGON is a music project that is into emerging artist development and music management, this therefore involves...

Sourcing and Developing emerging talented performing artists and providing music management services.

Creating Identity for these emerging talented performing artists

  • Management of their Songs/Music
  • Production
  • Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Promotion
  • Music Publishing

Artist Development Sessions

To bring the best out of these emerging, talented performing artists by helping them to reach their full potentials in their career in music. We will lead them into the limelight of the music industry.

Backstage Practical Learning Sessions For Artists Professional Career Development and Musical Events: We are proud to work with Liverpool International Music Festival. See the 2017 line-up here: http://www.limfestival.com/calendar

Managing Artist Images and Brand Management

To embrace the sourcing, development and management of talented, emerging performing artists into the music industry.

To embark on media/music through;

  • Productions

  • Promotions

  • Marketing

  • Distributions

  • Creating supporters/fan base for our artists

  • At the same time, providing a platform for talented disabled emerging performing artists

Some of the Artists on 'Artist Career Development' with TIGON

Daisy Gill. For more details, Please Visit: www.daisygillmusic.co.uk

Jess Jones (DiDi) 



Noah Olaoye (aka Nuno DaMan)

Georgia-Lee Bowers


Keep an eye out, we will be adding more artists to the website soon...

 Sourcing, raising, and management of emerging talented performing artists from...

  • Grass to graces
  • Youths to adults
  • Non-professionals to highly professional artists

Our mission is to develop and manage these emerging, talented performing artists to a level where they will be ready to either become an independent performing artist or go for a Major Record Label contract... (the choice is theirs at the end of the professional career development sessions).

And showcasing them to the limelight on bigger stage for a universal audience.

These photographs are part of Valley Community Recording Studio and Performance Hall.

Coming up soon are the photographs of our newly completed two dancing studios under the same roof with the TIGON/ Valley Community Studio.

For Dance and Recording Studio Please do not hesitate to contact TIGON/Valley Community Studio at martinvalleyvct@yahoo.co.uk

Visit: www.valleytheatre.co.uk

Call: 0151 488 0364