"Using music and entertainment as poverty reduction tools; and also to reduce child poverty in the UK, Africa, USA and the rest of the world where there is poverty".

MAPFEST.ORG is an annual entertainment musical festival with the aim of raising funds to support three selected charities in the UK, Africa and the USA supporting poor and physically disabled children.


  • The Musical Festival will cut across wide genre of music: Reggae, African, Pop, R&B, Folk, Country Music, Motown, Metal and so on.

  • will bring emerging artists and celebrity musicians together to perform on stage. will also give talented disabled performing artists the opportunity to perform alongside celebrity musicians and emerging performing artists on stage.

  • 70% of the gate takings will go to the four selected charities in the UK and Africa with the remaining 30% ploughed back into the project for self-sustainability.

  • will be a multimedia music festival, partnering with radio, TV and online channels.

  • For the pilot event our minimum target audience will be 600-700 people. For the start of the main events in 2015, we aim to have an audience of 15,000 across a Multi-Media Platform (i.e TV, Radio, and Online).

  • The fundraising target will be £1,000,000 over the next 2 years.

  • The project will also network and collaborate with faith based organisations to use religious/gospel music concerts and entertainment to fight against poverty