• Basal T4B is a Social Enterprise based in the City of Liverpool , (North –West England ) UK
  • The project creates womenswear and menswear fashion for charitable causes.
  • We care about how and where our designs are made.
  • Basal means "Buy And Save A Life",  T4B is a collaboration with the Fashion Designer Tayamika.
  • BASAL T4B is a marriage of philanthropy and commerce
  • Our designs are made with intention, integrating wax prints, African fabrics, techniques and craftsmanship infused with different fabric styles and textures to create modern designs.
  • We work to create employment opportunities in our community and recognise that real change happens with the dignity of work and the freedom of being self sufficient.
  • Talent is everywhere, whilst opportunities are not found everywhere. Our aim is to change that in our community.

Our vision is...

To Ensure

poor and physically disabled children and families in the UK, Africa and across the globe can live with dignity and have equal opportunities.

    To Give

    support to poor and physically disabled children ensuring that they can live independently in the future and give them opportunities that every human being deserves.

      aid to countries in crisis.

      To Give

      extreme poverty in the UK, Africa and the rest of the world.

      To Eliminate

      training opportunities to the marginalized within our community.

      To Provide

      BASAL T4B Community Responsibility.

      We believe

      through training opportunities, lives of people in our community can change


      young people to start up their own business and generate their own income.

      We care

      about socio-economic issues.


      we believe

      our skills and training promote productivity, confidence and self reliance.

      We Encourage

      young people to develop their talents and maximise their potentials.

      We aim

      to lead the way for socially conscious businesses.

      WE CAN

      create self sustainable opportunities for the marginalised by providing business start up kits.

      WE Create

      fashion as a force for good.

      We care

      about human dignity and human rights issues.

      We are partners in caring for the world we live in, your purchase will also benefit the world we live in.

      Our Story

      The name BASAL T4B was created using initials that sum up how we intend to make our contribution towards saving lives using our passion for fashion. "BASAL" is the abbreviation of Buy and save a life and "T4B" is Tayamika for BASAL. In 2016 the Fashion Designer Petronella Mahachi came together with Leading Support for Humanity (LSFH) a Social enterprise parent company of BASAL. A fusion of Petronella Mahachi's Tayamika Brand and Leading Support for Humanity gave birth to BASAL T4B. Petronella Mahachi's purpose is to use her talent to make a positive difference in her community and the world. While Ayotunde Falana a volunteer Co Founder of Leading Support for Humanity believes in using BASAL to support the development of humanity and mankind

      Please visit our activities/gallery for more photographs and descriptions

      “Clothing the privileged to support the less privileged”



      Preservation of human dignity


      Transparency & Accountability

      Economic self sustainability

      Tolerance & Understanding

      Our Principles

      Our Core values reflect in our principles, our efforts are focused on making sure that we operate in a manner that is in compliance with our MISSION, VISION & CORE VALUES. Our community responsibilities are at the heart of what we do.

      We are driven by creativity, compassion and community.


      enquiries for our customised designs and trading will open soon...

      ...so please keep an eye on this page.


      step 1: shop

      You buy an item in our store

      STEP 4: TRAIN

      The project trains men and women with a focus on young people to use their creativity to generate an income.


      step 2: donate

      We donate a percentage of all the profits to charitable causes.

      step 5: better community

      These men, women and young people open themselves up to future employment, start up their own creative business, socially conscious business or ethically sustainable business. With your purchase you provide more than just donations. You give a future andhope for a better community.


      step 3: Project sustainability

      We retain a percentage of the profits to sustain the project.

      Contact Us

      We welcome contact from and look forward to hearing from funders, sponsors, investors in people, business investors, media companies, networking partners, customers and potential volunteers.

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